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Elevate Together

Empower your leadership team to rise, lead, and thrive together through personal transformation and enhanced collaboration

In today's ever-changing work environment, we need
a new breed of leaders and teams who:

For the future of work, empathy and emotional intelligence are paramount

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Self-Discovery for Grounded Success

Unlock your team's potential with a deeper dive into self-discovery and alignment

  • Explore individual strengths, blindspots, and aspirations for powerful collaboration.

  • Go beyond conventional tools like StrengthsFinder, DISC, and Myers-Briggs.

  • Understand the 'why' behind behaviors, not just the trends.

  • Engage in personalized exercises and discussions to reveal core drivers.


  • Foster empathetic, productive dialogues.

  • Rediscover your team's identity.

  • Overcome ingrained assumptions.

  • Achieve exceptional collaboration, fulfillment, and results.

Organizations use Brandy's Workshops to 

Team Meeting

 Enhance Leadership Development

  • The program helps individuals understand their unique personality traits, motivations, and behaviors, leading to understanding their unique leadership style.

 Improve Emotional Intelligence

  • We focus on improving emotional intelligence, a key factor in personal effectiveness. You'll learn to understand and manage your emotions and those of others better.


 Empower Communication

  • We provide a shared language for your team, making it easier for everyone to express their thoughts and feelings. This leads to more effective and open communication within the team.


✓ Effective Conflict Resolution

  • By understanding what triggers conflict among different personality types, teams can develop strategies to manage and resolve conflicts more effectively.


 Improve Team Dynamics

  • By understanding the diverse personality types within the team, members can better appreciate each other's strengths and weaknesses, leading to improved team dynamics.


​ Enjoy Team Building

  • Last but not least, our program is FUN! It's not just about learning and growing, but also about enjoying the process. It's a day of self-discovery and team building that your team will remember.

What could a custom Team Workshop for your organization look like?


Custom corporate packages can include:

  • Setting the stage with a solid foundation of the Enneagram and a comprehensive overview of the nine unique leadership styles.

  • An engaging 90-minute kick-off workshop to familiarize your team with the Enneagram and its nine distinct styles.

  • Delving into individual styles, guided by the insights from the completed ieQ9 Enneagram questionnaire.

  • A blend of introspective self-reflection, paired exchanges, and group conversations to weave together and internalize the learnings.

  • Comprehensive ieQ9 reports from Integrative Enneagram, personalized for each team member.

  • Individual debriefing sessions for each participant to validate their Enneagram type and delve into the details of their report.

  • An immersive up to 4-hour team workshop to discover how your team can harness the power of the Enneagram.


Dr. Brandy Stamper is a Certified Executive Coach, Facilitator & Associate Teaching Professor with over 15 years of leadership, coaching, and training experience. 

As an educator and facilitator, she is passionate about adult learning and creating spaces where individuals are empowered to lead authentically, in harmony with their values, and from a place of personal alignment. ​


 As a coach, Brandy describes herself as someone who motivates individuals to delve deeper, embrace fresh perspectives, and intentionally shape their lives through courageous intent. Her clients have praised her intuitive nature, perceptive insights, and keen ability to provide incisive guidance.




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