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Unmasking Authentic Women's Leadership: 5 Strategies for Empowered Success

In my last post, we explored the immense power of embracing authentic leadership as a woman in business. When you lead from self-awareness and your true values, you unlock your fullest potential.

But how can you put this into practice?

This post will provide 5 strategies to start unmasking your most authentic leadership style.

What is Authentic Leadership? As a quick refresher, research shows authentic leadership allows women executives to:

  • Inspire teams more effectively (1)

  • Build trust and psychological safety (2)

  • Spark innovation through unique perspectives (3)

  • Reduce stress and find greater fulfillment (4)

However, shedding limiting beliefs and societal expectations takes self-work.

Are you ready to do the work and become the leader only you can be?


5 Strategies to Unlock Your Authentic Leadership

1. Practice Daily Self-Reflection Self-awareness is the bedrock of authenticity. Start by taking time each day to reflect through journaling, meditation or simply sitting in silence. Tune into your emotions, mindsets, challenges, and growth areas. Be brutally honest with yourself. Make reflection a habit, and self-knowledge will blossom. (5)

2. Embrace Vulnerability Allowing others to see your flaws and humanity builds trust and psychological safety. Admit when you’re unsure, apologize for mistakes, and ask for help. Model vulnerability and your team will feel empowered to take risks and collaborate.

3. Connect with Your Purpose When your leadership is aligned with inner values, passion shines through. What impact do you most want to make? What fulfills and energizes you? Getting clear on your motivations allows you to lead with conviction.

4. Build Authentic Relationships The strongest teams are bonded through genuine human connection. Foster authenticity in relationships by truly listening, extending empathy, and giving direct feedback. Creating space for authentic relating enables innovation.

5. Commit to Growth The most credible leaders walk the talk of continuous improvement. Actively seek out mentors. Ask for regular feedback. Challenge yourself to keep growing. A growth mindset fuels authenticity.


1. Zenger, Folkman, Edinger (2019). Study found authentic leaders more able to meaningfully inspire teams. 2. Guenter et al. (2017). Authentic leadership shown to enhance trust, safety and engagement. 3. Brdulak et al. (2020). Correlation between authenticity and innovation in leadership. 4. Nelson et al. (2014). Authentic approaches reduce stress and emotional exhaustion. 5. George (2007). Emphasizes daily self-reflection as key to authentic leadership.


Lead the Journey to Authenticity

Now you have five concrete ways to start unmasking your authentic leadership. But remember, this is a journey – pace yourself with self-compassion.

Putting authentic leadership into practice takes courage and self-compassion. As your executive coach, I'm here to guide you each step of the way.

My personalized programs help women leaders like you implement impactful strategies to embrace your true voice. Through assessments, exercises, and personalized coaching, we'll uncover your motivations, build self-awareness, and transform your leadership approach.

If you're feeling held back from your potential,

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Together we'll create a plan to shed limiting beliefs, boost your confidence, and lead authentically. You owe it to yourself and your teams to unlock the power of your authentic self.

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The more you know yourself, the more freedom you’ll have to lead as your true self. You’ve got this!

As always, I LOVE hearing from you… what are you taking from today’s post? Comment below or email me at


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