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Elevate Your Impact: The Role of Authentic Woman Leadership in Professional Success

For women executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs, embracing authentic leadership starts with a commitment to knowing your true self and letting that self show up fully at work.

But what exactly is authentic leadership, and why does it matter so much for women leaders today?

What is Authentic Leadership? Authentic leadership is a management style where leaders are deeply aware of their values, priorities, strengths, and weaknesses. Rather than putting on a facade to meet expectations, authentic leaders stay true to who they are.

As Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic and a leadership expert, writes: “Authentic leaders are more interested in empowering the people they lead to make a difference than they are in power, money, or prestige for themselves.”

Key qualities of authentic leaders include:

· Leading with purpose, ethics, and self-discipline · Building trust by being open, honest, and vulnerable · Pursuing self-awareness and continuous personal growth · Maintaining genuine, values-driven relationships · Demonstrating passion, confidence, and optimism


Why Authenticity Matters for Women Leaders

For many women, leaning into authentic leadership requires unlearning previous conditioning around how to show up at work.

According to a 2020 study by & McKinsey, women still face pressure to exhibit stereotypically masculine leadership traits like assertiveness and dominance. They often feel the need to wear a “work persona” that hides their true self.

However, research shows that authenticity is key for women leaders to unlock their full potential.

When you lead with self-awareness and operate from your core values, you are better able to:

  • Inspire others and gain influence - By bringing passion and purpose to your leadership, you motivate teams more authentically.

  • Build trust and psychological safety - Vulnerability, openness, and empathy from leaders fosters stronger connections.

  • Improve collaboration and innovation - Your unique voice sparks new perspectives and ideas from your team.

  • Enhance well-being - Accepting yourself, flaws and all, leads to lower stress and more fulfillment.


The Benefits of Authentic Leadership for Women Executives As a woman leader, embracing your authentic self at work is not always easy - but it is immensely rewarding.

Here are just some of the key benefits of authentic leadership for women leaders:

  • Increased engagement and productivity - Employees are 1.4x more engaged when led by an authentic leader.

  • Higher retention - Authenticity fosters loyalty and commitment from team members.

  • Enhanced reputation - Stakeholders perceive authentic leaders as more credible and trustworthy.

  • Greater career fulfillment - Aligning work with inner values provides a sense of meaning and purpose.

  • Role modeling for others - Your authenticity gives other women permission to bring their real selves too.


Start Your Journey to Authentic Leadership

Now that you’ve seen the immense benefits of embracing your true self at work, it’s time to start your authentic leadership journey. The first step is growing your self-awareness so you can lead from your core values with confidence.

As a certified executive coach for professional women, I specialize in helping leaders like you cultivate authenticity and transform your leadership impact. My personalized approach combines proven strategies with compassionate support to help you unmask your most authentic self.

If you feel your work persona is holding you back from realizing your fullest potential, Click Here to explore my Empowered Success Coaching program. I offer a free 30-minute strategy session to understand your unique goals and challenges as an executive.

Together we’ll create a roadmap to shed limiting beliefs, boost confidence in your true voice, and lead with purpose. You deserve to unlock the benefits of authenticity - both personally and as a leader.

Take the first step today - Click Here.

Remember, authenticity takes courage, but the rewards are tremendous - for you and the people you lead.

As always, I LOVE hearing from you… what are you taking from today’s post? Comment below or email me at


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