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When it comes to leadership success, there are essential steps you must take to become a leader who can connect with their team and thrive. This guide will be your foundation.

Discover the 3 ‘HOW TO’ Steps YOU MUST TAKE to lead with clarity, connection, and confidence.

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  • Dr. Brandy Stamper is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Executive Coach, Organizational Facilitator & Associate Teaching Professor. With over 15 years of experience, Brandy specializes in coaching, and organizational consulting, focusing on team-building sessions, leadership development coaching, and curriculum development for organizations.

  • As an educator and facilitator, she is passionate about adult learning and creating spaces where individuals can lead with clarity, connection, and confidence.


  • As a coach, Brandy's clients have praised her intuitive nature, perceptive insights, and keen ability to provide incisive guidance.

Personal Desk

Leaders and teams can drive significant change when they embrace clarity, connection, and confidence.

As a leadership coach, I help individuals and teams unlock their potential by building self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


Drawing on my expertise in the Enneagram, communication, I/O psychology, leadership, and intuitive insights, I gently challenge you to push past your comfort zones and reassess longstanding beliefs. 


We focus on fostering effective communication and strong relationships, guiding you to lead with authenticity and navigate team dynamics confidently.

Are you ready to RISE, LEAD, and THRIVE?


Client Experience:

My clients come from diverse industries, including financial institutions, higher education, retail, manufacturing, as well as entrepreneurs.

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