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From Guilt to Unwavering Confidence
Ten-Minute Guide 

Break Free from Mom Guilt and Overwhelm:  Balance Success in Just
Ten Minutes!


Balance is not about making equal time for everything, but making quality time for what matters.

Setting Healthy Boundaires

Confident Team Lead

In the journey to becoming an Empowered Mom, the first step is setting healthy boundaries.

It's not just about work-life balance; it's about creating a life where your professional responsibilities don't encroach on your personal happiness. For instance, by setting a rule to not respond to work emails after 6 pm, you're carving out dedicated time for your family. This boundary isn't just a rule for others to respect; it's a commitment to yourself and your loved ones. 

Healthy Boundary Tips:
The first tip is to define your boundaries.

  1. Choose a Boundary Area: Start with one role or commitment where you identified the need for a boundary.

  2. Specify the Boundary: Clearly define what the boundary is (e.g., "I will not check work emails after 6 PM").

  3. Justify the Boundary: Briefly note why this boundary is important for your well-being (e.g., "To ensure quality family time in the evenings").

The second step is to prioritize which boundaries to implement first.

  1. Assess Impact: Consider the potential positive impact of each boundary on your life.

  2. Ease of Implementation: Evaluate how easy or challenging it will be to implement each boundary.

  3. Prioritize: Based on impact and ease, prioritize which boundaries to set first.

Balancing Career and Family

Person holding a presentation

Balancing a thriving career with a fulfilling family life is a core aspect of the Empowered Mom journey. It's about finding harmony between these two worlds.
Sharing your career with your family, like explaining your job in terms they understand, helps build a bridge between your professional and personal life. It's these small moments of connection that foster mutual respect and understanding.

Fun Activity Ideas:
These activities are designed to create understanding and appreciation for your work in a way that resonates with your family members.

  • A Day in My Shoes: A role-playing activity where family members spend a day or an hour experiencing what you do at work.

  • Career Story Time: Share stories about your workday, explaining complex aspects of your job in simple terms.

  • Family Career Vision Board: Create a vision board that includes your career aspirations and family goals, highlighting how they intertwine.

  • Job Skills Game: Turn aspects of your job into a fun game or challenge for the family, like a mock presentation or problem-solving task.


Creating a Personal Success Plan

Woman Having Coffee

The final pillar of an empowered mom is creating a personal success plan. This isn't just about setting goals; it's about aligning your daily actions with your broader life vision.

By planning your top priorities each week, like I do every Sunday, you ensure that you're progressing in every area of your life. This intentional approach to time management helps you move forward without feeling overwhelmed.


Success Planning Tips:
The first tip is to define clear goals for the week in both personal and professional areas.

  1. Professional Goals: List up to three goals you aim to achieve in your professional life this week.

  2. Personal Goals: List up to three goals for your personal life, including family, self-care, and personal development.

  3. Prioritization: For each goal, assign a priority level (high, medium, low).

The second tip is to break down weekly goals into daily actionable tasks.

  1. Task List: For each day of the week, list the key tasks that will help you progress towards your weekly goals.

  2. Time Allocation: Estimate how much time each task will take.

  3. Flexibility: Leave some open slots each day for unexpected tasks or opportunities.

The third tip is to allocate specific time blocks for various activities, ensuring a balanced approach to your week.

  1. Divide Your Day: Break your day into blocks (morning, midday, afternoon, evening).

  2. Assign Tasks to Time Blocks: Place your tasks into these blocks, considering your energy levels and commitments throughout the day.

  3. Include Breaks: Ensure to include short breaks for rest and rejuvenation.

The final tip is to reflect on the week's achievements and areas for improvement.

  1. End-of-Week Review: At the end of the week, review your completed tasks and any uncompleted ones.

  2. Successes and Challenges: Note what went well and what challenges you faced.

  3. Next Week's Adaptation: Based on your reflection, identify changes or adjustments for the next week's plan.


If you found this guide helpful and want to become the powerhouse leader and present mom you were meant to be, check out the Empowered Mom Blueprint

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